The Food Club Box

The Food Club Box is the starting point for almost all of our customers.  If you are new to MoGro, we recommend reading through this short guide as you place your order the first time.  This will make the process faster and smoother in the long run!

If you have ordered before but you're having trouble with a particular part of the process, feel free to go directly to the section you need help with:

Selecting Your Box

Recurring vs. One-Time Orders

Customizing / Substituting

Bonus Item

Selecting your Box

1. Start Shopping

To find your Food Club Box, you need to go to our main shopping page:  Make sure you're registered and logged-in, then click "Shop" in our menu bar.  To see the options for your basic box, click on "Food Club Box."

2. Choose a Box

If you will pay with your EBT card this week, select the Healthy SNAP Box, otherwise, choose the regular box.  If you receive SNAP benefits but don't see the Healthy SNAP Box, please 
Update your Personal Information and change your pickup location to the entry that includes "Healthy SNAP program."  In order to receive the SNAP discount, you need to have youtr EBT card with you when you pick up your box.


Recurring vs. One-Time Orders

1. Choose Recurring or One-Time Order

When you first select a Box to put in your cart, you are given the option to do a One-Time order or a Recurring order.  For first-time users, we recommend starting with a One-Time order for a few weeks.  This allows you to become familiar with the ordering process and it keeps you from being charged for food you don't pick up!

One-Time Order:

You will be asked to choose a date for your order.  Please be sure you choose to correct date.

Recurring Order:

You will be asked to choose whether you want the order to be "Every Week", "Every Other Week," or "Once Per Month."  Only choose a recurring order if you are sure that you can pick up your box every time!  This helps you avoid paying for food you didn't get, and keeps precious food from being wasted.

It's important to check in with your recurring order every week to make sure we haven't run out of any items that you have ordered.  To check, visit Recurring Order which is located in the "My Account" menu.  The best time to do this is two days before your scheduled pickup date, as we usually know the items we will be out of by then.

2. Save and Review

Once you have selected your time-frame, click "Save and Review Your Order." You should now see your order in your shopping cart.  Many people enjoy the basic Food Club Box as is, but if you want to customize your order, please read below.

Customizing / Substituting

1. Click the "Customize Bag" link in Your Cart

If you are not already in your cart, click on the green shopping cart in the upper right-hand corner your screen.  Here you will see the items you have ordered.  If you have ordered a Food Club Box, a link will appear in green under the description of your Box that says "Customize bag".  When you click on this link, a pop-up window will appear that allows you to make substitutions.

Note that if it is before Friday at 2 PM, the pop-up window will appear as an empty grey box.  This is because MoGro has not created the box yet for the coming order, which we do early Friday afternoon.  A grey box will also appear if you are on the wrong date in your shopping cart.  Make sure you are on the correct date by looking for the date in bold above the listed items in your cart.  To change the date, click on the correct date in "Upcoming Deliveries" on the left-hand side of your cart.

2. Make Your Substitutions

To begin making substitutions, find an item you want to remove first, and change the number in the right-hand column to zero.  Then, scroll down and find an item you would like to replace it with and change the quantity to one.  Most items can be substituted in without extra charge, but some items will indicate the extra charge in the product description.  This extra amount will be added to your total if you choose this item.

You can substitute any number of items in your box, however, you may not have more than eight total items. In other words, you can't substitute out one item and then substitute in two items.  If total is more than eight, the "submit" button will be disabled.  It is possible to have seven or less items in your box, but you will still be charged the full price for your box, so make sure you find a new item to replace an item you have zeroed out.  Once you have submitted, your Box is all ready to go! You may still want to add "A La Carte" or side orders in addition to your Box.

Bonus Item

The Bonus Item is a free item that MoGro puts in your cart when you order a regular Food Club Box.  You will see it show up automatically in your cart if it is available.  This item is featured by MoGro for the week usually because it is local and in season.  The Bonus Item cannot be substituted out.  If an item comes up that you don't want, we recommend just sharing it with friends, family, or neighbors!

The Bonus Item is made possible by through grants and contributions from our partners, 
so please enjoy this wonderful gift while we have it!