Welcome to MoGro!

How it Works:  MoGro → Food Club → Food Champion → You!

MoGro is a community non-profit whose mission is to help people get access to nutritious, affordable food.  Hopefully, that's why you're visiting us!  On this page you'll learn about the basics of MoGro and how you and your community can take part.

Food Clubs

Every community that works with MoGro starts with a Food Club.  Through Food Clubs, people can order food and have it sent to a pickup location on a regular basis.

Food Champions

Food Clubs depend on a Food Champion who volunteers the time and effort to help get the food to your family.  If you already have a Food Club in your area, you already have a Food Champion working hard for you and your community.  When you meet them, thank them!  They are the backbone of all that we do.  If you don't have a Food Club in your area, contact us to learn about becoming a Food Champion.

Food Club Box

The building block of our Food Clubs is a Food Club Box, which is a box of healthy food that each person orders, usually every week.  Food Club Boxes are so popular that few people place orders that don't include a Food Club Box.  The Box contains eight organic fruit and vegetable items.  People use these items to cook meals, send as lunches to school or work, or for quick, healthy snacks.  Each week, a range of items are already put together in a Food Club Box for you, based on what's in season and what our farmers have.  This means you can order a Box without thinking about what you want in it. But, if you want to, you can customize your box too!  On top of a Food Club Box, some people order extra items, called "A La Carte" items to supplement recipies, meals, and snacks.  Food Club Boxes cost twenty dollars for about ten pounds of organic produce (compare that to organic items at a grocery store!)  If you have EBT benefits, the cost is ten dollars!

Getting Your First Box:  Register → Order → Pick Up

1. Register

The first step, if you haven't done so already, is to register.  Do this by clicking our "Register" tab.  After you're registered, you will use the "Sign In" tab to log on each time.

2. Order

Most of our ordering is done on the internet.  If you don't have a computer at home, you can use a friend or relative's computer, or order on your phone.  The website you are on now is where you place your order, so if you're here, this means you can use the internet to order!  If you know someone who can't use the internet to order, they can still be a part of thier local Food Club by calling and ordering our Food Club Box.  They won't be able to customize the box or add extra items, but that's what many people like to do anyhow.  To learn about the details of ordering, please see our menu "Ordering" which breaks it down into three easy steps:
Food Club Box, A La Carte Items, and Finalizing Your Order.

3. Pick Up

Every Food Club has a pickup site
 where you will find your Food Champion. On the day of your pickup (right now, all of our pickup days are Wednesday) all you have to do is arrive during the pickup hours, check your Box with your Champion to make sure all the items are correct, and pay.  Of course you'll probably want to thank your Champion a time or two as well!  To learn about the details of picking up your order, see Checking Out.