About Food Clubs

As part of our broader food access initiative, MoGro has launched the Food Club program!   The mission of the program is to help communities come together to increase food access in their area. We work in both rural and urban areas, recognizing that access to healthy, affordable, organic food can be a challenge anywhere.  Read below to learn about the basics for getting a Food Club started in your area.

Food Champions
When a community starts a Food Club, they need a Food Champion to get things organized.  Food Champions connect their friends, family, and neighbors with fresh, healthy food.  A Champion runs a pickup site where Food Club members gather to receive their deliveries.  Site locations are flexible and we're open to creative ideas.  Community centers, health clinics, and schools are great places to start.

Getting started!
If you'd like to hear more about what it means to get a Food Club started in your area, let us know!  e'll give an more in-depth overview about the program. You can reach out to us at info@mogro.net, or call 505-216-8611.