Checking Out

You're ready to go pick up your Food Club Box, but what should you expect at your pickup site?  In three simple steps you can have everything taken care of.

1. Help Your Food Champion Find Your Box

Your box with your name on it will be in a stack of other boxes.  Once your Food Champion has finished helping anyone in front of you, you can point out your box to them.  They'll grab it for you.  If you ordered A La Carte items, they should be in your Box as well.

2. Check What's Inside Your Box

This is where you make sure your order is right.  Use the invoice inside your Box to make sure that every item is correct.  If there are any missing or spoiled items, your Food Champion will record it on your invoice and adjust your charge.  We will use the invoice to update your MoGro account so you don't have to do anything.  This way you will only be charged for the items you receive! 
Take the time to check your Box when you pick it up -- this is the time to make any adjustments to your charge, not once you get home.

3. Pay!

Credit Card:
If you pay with credit card, just make sure your Food Champion sees this on your invoice and you're all set to go.

Cash or Check:
If you pay with cash or check, your Food Champion will collect your payment.

EBT Card:
If you pay with EBT, your card will be run or a voucher will be filled out.  You must have your EBT card with you to pay with EBT and receive your SNAP discount.  If you forget your card or don't have enough funds, your Box and items will be the regular price.