About Us

A project of the 
Santa Fe Community Foundation
, MoGro  is a non-profit mobile grocer working to support sustainable local food systems and eliminate barriers to affordable healthy food.

Where you live shouldn't determine whether you can live a healthy life.  For us, access to food is about health equity. Nutrition related illnesses impact many communities across New Mexico. We believe that all families should have the opportunity to live a vibrant and healthy life, without having to choose between paying the rent and putting healthy food on the table.

In New Mexico, our rural geography poses an additional burden to families trying to access healthy food. Many tribal community members must drive 60 miles roundtrip to shop at a full-service grocery store. MoGro was founded to help address this challenge, by bringing healthy food access to food deserts in New Mexico.

MoGro was created by Rick and Beth Schnieders -- career experts in food distribution and private philanthropists -- as an innovation to overcome barriers to affordability and access to healthy foods in economically distressed communities. The Schnieders partnered with Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health (JHCAIH) to launch MoGro Food Clubs throughout New Mexico.