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Please kindly bear in mind...

We are a non-profit trying to keep costs low so that we can offer healthy and affordable food to families who need it.  This means that our few staff members already have very full hands coordinating orders, packing boxes, and starting new sites to help new people gain access to
good food.

Lend a Hand!

If you appreciate the community service that MoGro provides and you want to be a part of the effort, get in touch!  We can always use an extra hand, whether it means helping others place their orders,  helping us to sell extra boxes when people miss their pickup, or any other ideas you might have!  You can also Sponsor a Box for a family in need of nutritious food.

Have a general question?

Our Overview and 
Frequent Questions cover many of the basics!

Having trouble placing your order?

What part of the ordering process are you having trouble with?  Click on these links below to learn more about each step:

Food Club Box
A La Carte
Finalizing Your Order

Wondering where your MoGro pickup is?

See our current Food Club 
Locations.  If you don't see a location that is close enough and you are interested in helping get a Food Club started in your area, please get in touch.

Not sure what to do when you go to pick up your box?

Picking up your order is easy.  See Checking Out and Paying to learn all you need to know.

Tried these guides and still need help?

Feel free to contact us at, or by phone at (505) 216-8611.

Although we don't have a dedicated receptionist, we will do our best to answer your call. If we are not able to answer, please leave a detailed message.

For more information about volunteering, our programs, or for questions about starting a Food Club in your area, please contact Josh at