...An easy way to help a family in your community!

You've probably noticed our two new donation possibilities next to your Food Club Box. A few people have already gone ahead and tried these out before we had a chance to explain what's behind them. Thank you brave (and kind) souls! Anyway, a quick run-down of these items will help you to understand what they're about:


How It Works:

 and Donate-an-Item are items that you can place in your shopping cart just like any other.  The order is place along with your other items.  The result is helping to set a healthy table of a family in need.  Think of it like a canned food drive without the canned food.

Business 101??

You may have heard from your Food Champion or reading about MoGro that we are not a business looking to make money.  
We are a non-profit, and we actually lose money on every box we sell! (How's that for Business 101!?)  We work hard to keep MoGro going with grant-writing and donations.

Open Enrollment

MoGro was started with the goal of helping get vitamin-rich food to families who need it. But we don't feel right about deciding for ourselves who needs our support and who doesn't.  That's why
enrollment is 100% open without requirements or paperwork about income status: We know that people from all walks of life get involved with MoGro for different reasons and at different points in their lives.  We believe that our community members know best what their needs are and when they can afford to lend a hand to others.


We created Donate-a-Box in this spirit: people in the Mogro community helping to hold each other up.  We added Donate-an-Item to make it even easier to make a simple but meaningful donation.  
A canned food drive without the canned food -- and with the community.