Recurring vs. One-Time Orders

When you first select a Box to put in your cart, you are given the option to do a One-Time order or a Recurring order.  For first-time users, we recommend starting with a One-Time order for a few weeks.  This allows you to become familiar with the ordering process and it keeps you from being charged for food you don't pick up!

One-Time Order:

You will be asked to choose a date for your order.  Please be sure you choose to correct date.

Recurring Order:

You will be asked to choose whether you want the order to be "Every Week", "Every Other Week," or "Once Per Month."  Only choose a recurring order if you are sure that you can pick up your box every time!  This helps you avoid paying for food you didn't get, and keeps precious food from being wasted.

It's important to check in with your recurring order every week to make sure we haven't run out of any items that you have ordered.  To check, visit Recurring Order which is located in the "My Account" menu.  The best time to do this is two days before your scheduled pickup date, as we usually know the items we will be out of by then.